The Pentecost Sunday mass {6:30am} at Mont Sion Gikungu


Today is Pentecost Sunday! The Pentecost, originally one of the three major Jewish feasts [others being the feasts of Tabernacle and Passover], took on a Christian toga with the descent of the Holy Spirit: already promised by the risen Christ [cf Jn 14.15-31], on the apostles and some of his disciples [cf Acts 2: 1-11]. Like most other Christian [catholic] feasts, the Pentecost is laudably celebrated with great solemnity often involving days of retreats, seminars and lately, all-night vigils and ‘charismatic’ ministrations.

It is the 50th day after Easter (if we count both Easter and Pentecost), and it supplants the Jewish feast of Pentecost, which took place 50 days after the Passover and which celebrated the sealing of the Old Covenant on Mount Sinai.


Yet, far from mere commemoration of the descent of the Christ-promised Holy spirit on the apostles, and the flourish associated with the feast in some still-religious countries like Burundi, today’s feast invites us to a reflection on, and a renewal of our closeness, nay friendship, with the Holy Spirit: the third person of the Trinity. Here in Mont Sion Gikungu, at the mass of 6:30 am, celebrated by Fr. Claudio-the main celebrant and Fr. Rodrigo, we reflected a great deal in that light and the necessity of the Holy Spirit in our respective lives.

The chief celebrant reflected on the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and has these to say about them in summary. {The feast of Pentecost reminds us of how the Holy Spirit breaks down walls of differences and disagreements between peoples. Hence, the miracle of a common language at the Pentecost event [cf Acts 2.1-11], is an aide-mémoire to how our religiosity [as christians] should find its fulfilment too in our speaking a language that others hear. The only such language today is that of peace and love/kindness: which even the deaf would hear!
Let us therefore not hang-on ONLY to the stunning miracle of the ‘tongues of fire’ of the pentecost, rather may we remember always, that like the apostles and disciples in today’s Gospel lcf Jn 20. 19-23], Christ ‘sends’ us too into the world as his representatives; to proclaim Him. No wonder St Paul reminds us that we are differently gifted [certainly for the betterment of our world] [1 Cor 12:3b-7, 12-13]. How many days do you have left? How many days do I have left? None of us know. Have a change of heart and open your heart for the Holy Spirit.}


The Eucharistic celebration which was Spirit Filled, if not extraordinary came to an end at 8:30am on the dot. The main celebrant-Fr. Claudio invited the worshiper for a special blessing characterizing the day of the Pentecost. All the worshipers were served with little pieces of paper wherein were written different gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was indeed a wonderful Pentecost Sunday and I am very much sure that I am not alone in that thinking.

May The Holy Spirit continue to inspire, inform and influence our every thoughts, words and our actions. May God, the Father of lights, grant you gladness by his blessing and make you always abound with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Amen.






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